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Inland Empire, CA

A company that encompasses the real estate business of a private investor is looking for a COO to run the company from an organizational perspective. This executive will play a key part in managing the organization and redeploying capital towards development and management of its multi-family and other commercial real estate assets for long term investment.




  • Complete remaining for-sale holdings and begin transition to multifamily focus

  • Develop transition and wind-down team (formally or informally) to address remaining sales, customer service, bond release and warranty claims

  • Based on extent and nature of remaining holdings, consider opportunistic disposition(s) to public homebuilders to take advantage of current market conditions


  • Complete remaining design, product development and entitlement work on pending/new acquisitions (Fontana, Norco, Rialto, etc.) to begin construction

  • Assess current financing plans and secure additional capital as needed

  • Establish (through existing team members, for-sale transitions or new hires) the acquisition, entitlement, development, construction and operations/asset management teams to meet company growth objectives and manage future holdings


  • Complete construction and delivery of remaining Phase I buildings

  • Drive sales, construction and delivery of Phase II and potential Phase III buildings

Cannabis and Other Operations

  • Review existing operations (including completion of audit currently in process) and position for disposition and/or recapitalization (taking advantage of current strong market conditions)

  • Assemble management team to implement strategic plan (from growing existing operations and performance metrics to marketing and, as applicable, disposition)

HR/Strategic Planning

  • Evaluate existing management and business leads and develop staffing, recruiting and succession plans to meet Company objective – initial focus in Finance and Legal, but also likely Cannabis Business and Homebuilding/Multifamily Construction and Purchasing to increase leverage in market and position for additional opportunities


  • Crystalize Family Office macro economic positions and objectives to, in turn, drive resulting immediate, medium and long-term execution strategies (from new business, acquisitions, dispositions to financing and construction purchasing)

  • Meet with existing New Business/Acquisition leads to appraise current opportunities and direct immediate efforts in furtherance of above objectives

  • Tour all existing and pipeline Homebuilding, Multifamily, Industrial and Cannabis operation projects/sites to gauge current operations and identify opportunities

  • By business unit and department, meet with all Company leads to (i) assess strengths and weaknesses; (ii) identify immediate deficiencies; and (iii) develop resulting execution strategies and organization chart

  • Evaluate all pending new business acquisition, venture and related agreements to understand pending contractual obligations and timing, entitlement and related conditions and capital/financing requirements

  • Develop weekly/other periodic reporting, schedule tracking, and business plan/budget reconciliation reporting to communicate collective goals, anticipate potential shortfalls (sales, entitlement challenges, production chain gaps, etc.) and reset team priorities


  • COO experience with 15-20 years’ in real estate, particularly development and permanent financing sourcing and structuring.

  • Demonstrated ability to evaluate acquisition and/or joint venture investment opportunities and provide recommendations regarding pursuit (or not).

  • Current capital markets competence and experience and ability to source and structure construction and permanent financing.

  • Positive, enthusiastic outlook; eager to work closely with and support efforts of ownership as well as teammates.

  • Has polish, presence, and is articulate; has command of information

  • Mentally flexible, creative, quick thinking, and able to multi-task

  • Strong analytic and computer skills

  • Finance background and multi-family experience preferable

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