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Development Manager/Director

Development Manager/Director

San Diego, CA

A self-capitalized and vertically integrated multi-family investment and development company is looking for a Development Manager/Director to join their North County San Diego team and execute on their nearly $1billion development pipeline. The Development Manager/Director is responsible for overseeing all aspects of ground-up multifamily projects throughout the West Coast.



  • Identify, interview and select consultants including architect, civil/structural/MEP engineers, landscape architect and various other consultants (dry utilities, SWPPP, interior designer, etc.)

  • Compare scopes of work while negotiating pricing between competing consultants

  • Negotiate, craft and coordinate contract language and execution

  • Lead decision on any/all design related inquiries for the project

  • Coordinate consultant meetings driving design plans forward

  • Lead market research on unit, building, site and amenity design for subject region/area


  • Lead city relationship, identify key players and form relationships for entitlement process

  • Estimate, calculate, negotiate and pay permits and fees with various city/county groups

  • Lead public outreach and PR efforts, connect with key local development groups/stakeholders

  • Coordinate plan submission process and negotiate key design points within city zoning rules/regulations

  • Act as lead representative of project at local, planning commission and/or city council meetings

  • Lead and negotiate any easements or encroachments between private/public right of ways

  • Collect and organize any respective building permits/fee documentation

Financing (construction and refinance)

  • Identify, interview and select construction lender based on respective pricing and terms

  • Model different financing scenarios depending on pending loans to analyze return impact

  • Collect, organize and submit of any/all project information to selected lender

  • Organize, complete and submit initial project budget to bank while negotiating with lender’s internal cost review

  • Provide information, answer questions and coordinate to get appraisal completed

  • Lead, coordinate and negotiate loan documentation and respective language

  • Lead, coordinate and submit initial equity true up package

  • Lead, coordinate and execute regular monthly draw documentation and budget updates


  • Process and review monthly pay applications from general  contractors and consultants

  • Verify invoicing versus respective contract amounts

  • Process and review any change order documentation

  • Maintain and analyze on a monthly basis contract/committed amounts versus budget and respective invoicing

  • Collect and submit invoice and pay application packages for regular bank draws

  • Collect and review any/all respective lien, W9 and insurance information

  • Provide clean financial package with profit/loss statement, balance sheet and job cost on a monthly basis

  • Coordinate and submit accounting package for tax purposes on a quarterly and annual basis


  • Identify, interview and select general contractor for project

  • Review and interview respective staff for potential general contractors during selection process

  • Coordinate RFP/RFQ process with general contractors during selection process

  • Review GMP pricing versus bid plan set to identify any missing scopes of work

  • Lead negotiation of GC contract and respective language and pricing

  • Identify, interview and select insurance carriers for project

  • Coordinate and execute WRAP insurance policy for project insuring proper liability coverage

  • Lead and coordinate ongoing OAC meetings between owner, GC and consultants

  • Review, analyze and execute any potential change orders and respective documentation

  • Execute respective documentation of change orders and respective monthly pay applications

  • Walk and review quality of construction work in the field through regular inspection

  • Review and oversee any environmental or city driven testing

  • Coordinate and negotiate utility contracts with regional players

  • Lead negotiation with cable/internet companies to maximize revenue contribution and ensure strong connectivity of project

  • Perform final walks of completed units/buildings for quality control

  • Lead value engineering efforts to manage budget from an ownership perspective

  • Analyze and review regular schedule updates

  • Lead and coordinate transition from construction to tenant move in process

  • Coordinate ongoing RFIs between city, consultants and general contractor

  • Coordinate ongoing city submittals and subsequent redesigns


  • Lead and create branding for project including name, color scheme and image

  • Create and maintain property level website as well as any respective social media accounts

  • Analyze, monitor and lead digital strategy including SEO and social media spend

  • Analyze and monitor competing properties asking rental rates, concessions and relative strength versus the subject property

  • Lead initial and ongoing rental prices and concession packages accounting for competition, absorption speed, seasonality, relative competitive advantages, etc.

  • Create, maintain and lead ongoing lease and marketing reports for stakeholders

  • Lead and coordinate move in timing with construction process to ensure smooth experience

  • Lead and maintain good public relations with the city, tenants and prospects

  • Monitor and drive lease up strategy to ensure income maximization while maintaining strong lease up momentum


  • 5-10 years of progressively more responsible multi-family real estate development and project management experience

  • Degree or professional certification in engineering, architecture, real estate development, or business, or comparable training and experience

  • Experience with multifamily development projects preferred

  • Experience in multiple aspects of the real estate development process (acquisitions, financial analysis, entitlement, design, pre-construction, construction management, marketing)

  • Ability to closely and effectively work with Company leadership

  • High level of energy and ability to get along with all personality types

  • Self-sufficient and able to prioritize and delegate

  • Attention to detail

  • Experience using Microsoft Office, Primavera, and Procore

  • Ability to travel as necessary

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