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Director of Property Management

Director of Property Management

San Diego, CA

A multifamily development company and general contractor is growing rapidly and looking for a Director of Property Management. This leader will be responsible for streamlining and building the property management department at the Company. They will interface with subcontractors and consultants and be responsible for project administration required for projects.
The company prides themselves on consistently delivering projects that exceed expectations for service, quality of work, and completion of time frame. They are well versed in both residential and commercial construction and specialize in mixed-use projects.


  •  Building and maintaining an efficient and well-run property management department

  • Intimate understanding the San Diego rental market and property management industry

  • Preparation of critical and/or confidential information

  • Supervision of property management staff, onsite managers, subcontractors, consultants, vendors and admin staff, as applicable

  • Management of emergency situations and critical items that are typical in property management, including events after hours


  • Inbox (mail, invoices, paperwork, contracts, filing)

  • Property Management

  • Scheduling

  • Tenant & Client Relations

  • Management oversight


  • Rental Properties – Checks are deposited by the 5th of every month. All checks must be received by the end of the day on the 3rd or tenant must remit a late fee (as stated in the lease agreement). Notify accounting of any late or missing rent checks.

  • Regular meetings to coordinate overall property management department (leasing, turnover, renovations, maintenance, customer service)

  • Regular site visits to properties under management to verify, implement building maintenance objectives

  • Review, analyze and outperform budgeted and proforma rental operations

  • Track vacancy, maximize occupancy and tenant retention

  • Weekly reporting to executives


  • Track monthly rent rolls to minimize vacancy and ensure rent collection

  • Budget to actual comparisons – Review, analyze and update

  • Manage newsletters, Eblast, Blog, Expert Advice and other regular marketing content for property management

  • Review property management plan, department, standard operating procedures and effectiveness

  • Oversee and manage Property Management team

  • Monthly reporting to executives

  • Tracking key performance indicators within property management



  • Streamline the operations of existing rental properties

  • Analyze properties under management

  • Forecast annual budgets

  • Compare budgets to actuals

  • Provide quarterly reporting to investors and owners


  • Ensure timely and prompt rent collection

  • Help streamline the operations of existing rental properties

  • Analyze properties under management

  • Determine opportunities to save costs, increase rents, and improve cash flow

  • Identify potential issues areas for improvement

  • Analyze recurring operating expenses

  • Forecast annual budgets

  • Compare budgets to actuals

  • Work closely and effectively with property accountants to ensure streamlined process and effective overlap

  • Track monthly rent rolls to minimize vacancy and ensure rent collection

  • Help with quarterly reporting to investors and owners

  • Manage, execute, scan and organize lease agreements

  • Site visits to properties under management

  • Create and manage budget projections and property budget to actual reports in coordination with accounting

  • Drive rent growth through strategic planning including property improvements, economic efficiencies, tenant realignment, branding, design, renovations, maximizing resident retention, etc

  • Manage leasing, turnover and efficient leasing strategies

  • Measuring and achieving key performance indicators

  • Oversee and manage proper remediation practices for the apartment buildings

  • Manage and analyze exit survey process for resident move-outs


  • Integrate with construction team as projects near completion (3-6 months prior)

  • Create, track and manage project closeout checklists

  • Assess long lead time items needed ahead of completion (lighting, furniture, artwork, phone/data service agreements, USPS approval, mailboxes, fire department/knox box, utility reimbursement setup)

  • Manage and oversee punchlist/turnover process with project management team, superintendents, subcontractors and vendors

  • Manage walk thru process with clients, owners, architects, tenants and/or residents, as applicable

  • Document unit turnover using company issued triplicate form and process

  • Efficiently schedule walk thru process in conjunction with project completion


  • Maintain community atmosphere and image

  • Day to day operations

  • Separate Compensation in form of rent credit

  • Ensure timely and prompt rent collection

  • Manage Tenant inquiries, service request, etc

  • Oversee access control, including fob access and keys

  • Document and Manage Tenant Move-In/Move-Out process

  • Document common area hallways, elevator, lobby etc. before and after moves to mitigate common area damage during move-ins

  • Oversee prompt and current payment of tenant rent and other outstanding amounts

  • Minimize vacancies and turnovers

  • Advertise and show available units timely and ahead of expected vacancy

  • Facilitate repairs, maintenance and work orders

  • Coordinate and oversee property vendors. Manager quality

  • Determine cost efficiencies

  • Problem solving/conflict resolution


  • Determine technological efficiencies in Property Management to help improve the Company

  • Help create a competitive advantage for the Company through use of new technology and process


  • Oversee marketing programs for new housing communities and projects

  • Facilitate the company’s sales and marketing techniques, including but not limited to the following:

  • Help define the brand and voice of each property

  • Post and maintain social media content for properties (as applicable)

  • Coordinate graphic design, marketing and printing of print documents, mailers and company brochures

  • Create digital brochure and presentation for marketing apartment buildings

  • Coordinate updated brochures, materials, etc

  • Work with neighboring businesses, owners and neighbors to promote the word of mouth


  • Maintain a process to follow up on tenant satisfaction reports and feedback

  • Coordinate positive feedback with Houzz, Pinterest, Angies list, Yelp, google reviews, etc.

  • Manage tenant expectations and relationships to foster a positive community environment

  • Help Manage the Customer Service Department including responding to maintenance and warranty requests

  • Streamline process to ensure follow up with tenants and clients and proper completion of the work

  • Review outstanding items and determine schedule follow up to complete items


  • Ability to work on multiple tasks with minimal supervision, prioritize and organize workload

  • Self-starter, highly motivated and easily develops rapport with people.

  • Proficient in English, grammar, punctuation, and basic writing skills

  • Proficient in MS Word, Excel

  • Ability to exercise initiative and make decisions within the scope of assigned authority

  • Must be a team player/leader

  • Ability to relate well with customers, agency staff, and management and staff at all levels throughout the Company

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