The Ten Job Search Myths That Are Holding You Back

Peter Harris gives some great insight into some of the myths that might be preventing you from getting your dream job or taking a step in the right direction for the way you want your career to go. As far as a one-page resume, I generally tell my candidates that if they have had more than four jobs or over eight years of experience, they can submit a resume longer than one page. I also recommend that candidates read the job description fully, and as a general rule, incorporate at least 10 keywords or phrases from the job description into their resume. Emloyers put a lot of time, effort, and thought into writing those descriptions because they are looking for a specific skill set. If your resume reflects the keywords and phrases that the employer has decided are important, your resume will stand out to them and you'll be a shoe in for an initial interview.

Check out the full article here: The Ten Job Search Myths

Originially published in by Peter Harris with Workopolis on Monday, July 28, 2015

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