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7 Hacks to Crush Your First Leadership Role

Mentorship and Authenticity = Leadership

According to the article "Try These 7 Hacks to Crush Your First Leadership Role", only 4% of millennials had an interest in managing others. Nearly half of that generation, however, are already managing people. Admittedly, most companies do not have a great process in place to train and nurture these leaders. The seven suggestions below are ways millennial leaders can prepare for their future management responsibilities:

  1. Exercise your emotional intelligence and admit when you don't know something

  2. Ask intelligent and thoughtful questions

  3. Associate with your own cheering section of mentors and sponsors

  4. Be authentic and vulnerable in all of your interactions

  5. Work hard and put in the extra time

  6. Take note of and work to address others concerns

  7. Appreciate and enjoy the opportunity

Published by Dan Negroni on LinkedIn on December 1, 2017.

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