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Want A Better Relationship With Your Boss? Here’s How!

Better Relationship With Your Boss

Productive, respectful relationships between a boss and their employees is key to any company’s success. While the boss’ top priority is likely to have hardworking employees who fulfill their vision for the company, it’s a safe bet that they’d also like to have more than superficial relationships with the people they work with every day. After all, they probably spend more time with their staff than they do with anyone else.

Of course, there’s something in it for employees, too: The boss plays a key role in advancement opportunities, so the more they know you, your work, and your work ethic, the more likely you are to be rewarded.

A healthy, respectful relationship with your manager can improve your morale and productivity, and ultimately, it can boost your career. If you want a relationship that goes beyond “we get along fine,” here are three ways to have a better relationship with your boss.

How To Have A Better Relationship With Your Boss

1. Take Charge And Set Up Monthly Meetings

When I first started my business, it was easy to meet with each employee almost daily, because I only had five employees. Now, with 19, it is more difficult to check in with every employee every day and keep tabs on all the tasks that each person is working on. So it’s important that my employees take the initiative to set up individual meetings with me throughout the month. This helps me know what’s going on in the business—and shows me that they care about their jobs and are keeping my goals and expectations in mind.

Your boss may be busy, but as an employee, you can and should take the initiative to meet with your boss one on one at least once a month. Use that time as an opportunity to discuss the status of your current projects, present your ideas for the future, and check in to make sure you’re on track with your boss’ goals and strategies.

2. Prove You Are Innovation And Can Take Initiative

Every CEO or manager wants a company full of motivated and productive employees. Showing that you’re excited to take on new projects will help both you and your boss be more successful.

If you work in an office where people are constantly pitching ideas for new products, services, projects, or process improvements, don’t be afraid to raise your hand and volunteer to take the initiative on something. If suggestions aren’t free-flowing, keep a running list of your own ideas and offer them up at your monthly meetings with your boss.

Being innovative and taking initiative shows your manager that you’re invested in growing with the company, and that is bound to lead to a better relationship between the two of you.

3. Work Hard To Have Open Communication

How many times have you told your boss that one of their ideas isn’t so great? It’s a scary conversation for any employee, but it’s an important one.

There have been a number of times that I’ve shared ideas with employees, and they’ve come back and suggested—politely of course—that my idea may not be the best route. The reason I don’t get upset is that, along with the rejection of my idea, they present a suggestion for something else. Or, better still, they consider how they can adapt my idea and make it work more effectively.

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